This is the first step to getting into Semmelweis University for most people, if you can skip this because of previous studies then great, move on to the first year. Everyone else can use this if it helps.

How to pass[edit | edit source]

If you have studied Biology and Chemistry at school to a high level you will have no problem

There is a Pre Med course that is offered that will give you all the basics, I will try and get someone who did it to write a guide to see if you would benefit from doing it

If you do it on your own then look up the topic list on the official website and use it as a guide

Reading appropriate textbooks on the subjects can take you from zero knowledge to pass in a few months to weeks depending how much time you invest.

I read Pearsons' Baccalaureate Biology and Chemistry and manged to achieve high marks

I cannot help with the English exam as I am a native speaker but if you cannot speak to a high level you will really struggle

The exams[edit | edit source]


  • 20 multiple choice Biology questions
  • 20 multiple choice Chemistry questions
  • English Exam
  • Medical English Exam
  • 1 A4 sheet explaining your motivation for wanting to become a doctor/study in med school

For me (contributor sevina), I applied straight from high school, so I wrote about extracurriculars I did related to service and health. Also talked about studied material in my high school and also about my EE/bio IA/chem IA topics (as an IB student).

  • Oral exam

The oral exam is tough, same questions as the multi-choice but the examiners will ask you in depth. Some questions asked previously include, "what makes tea bitter" These types of questions will test how much you take interest in bio/chem outside of normal studies, showing that you have curiosity which is a great trait in med school. btw the answer is due to the tannins :) If you answer wrong they will give you another chance but if you get that wrong too, just show your logical thought process/how you got to that answer and they will help you by giving hints. Just make sure to take their opinion into account when doing this as it shows that you are willing to change methods/readily absorb new material.

The difficulties[edit | edit source]

If you do not have a background in biology and chemistry then you could have a difficult time as the topic list is extensive but again it is only the basics of what you should know.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

This is the easiest exam you will do so if you cannot pass this then you will have a very difficult time on the main course

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