Advice for the second year[edit | edit source]

For an insight into what the first semester of the second year is like I would like to give a quote from a friend:

"Ah, second year, this isn't so baaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!"

After the first year when you are pulled in many directions all at once you would think that the second year (with a fraction of the subjects to do) would be better, well, wrong, 3rd semester sucks! You have no time for anything and you constantly feel like you are behind. The (formally two but now one - you lucky things) weekly physiology test will take over your life for the first few weeks then before you know it, you have essential passes to achieve in anantomy and chemistry midterms and then eveything snowballs from there. Every subject sufferes from lack of time and sometimes if you are really unlucky you can have 4 important exams in 3 days. Nobody I know has had a good time this semester and it is no suprise why second year students are generally miserable and grumpy.

You will see a lot of this

I'm afraid I can give no positive spin onthe 3rd semester, it will be awful!

However the 4th semster is as day to night, very chilled, a fraction of the stress and generally quite a nice time... untill the last few weeks and the exam period that is when it becomes hell again. You get used to the physio weekly tests, Biochem becomes a repeat of the the first semester of physio and anatomy is an afterthought, something that can be left until later.

and you will want to do this

Then week 14 hits and you have to do lab tests in both Physio and Biochem, and if you are unlucky then a Hungarian exam. Suddenly you realise you only have 6 or 7 weeks to do 3 massive exams plus any electives you were brave enough to take and you admit to yourself... shit, I have too much to do!

Number one advice here is to take every exam at the earliest opportunity as it is likley you will not have enough time to run through all your resits anyway. If grades are not important to you then you may surprise yourself with a pass before you think you are ready or at least give yourself an idea where you need to study.

3rd semester[edit | edit source]

4th semester[edit | edit source]

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