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Advice for the third year[]

The year you actually start to do doctor-like things. All those times you have seen glimpses of students walking around in white coats and stethoscopes in small groups looking like they know what they are doing will finally be what you will do,

The subjects become a lot more interesting and the doctors and teachers will treat you differently. Now in most subjects the amount of material becomes bigger but most teachers will not fail you for not knowing a small detail. Diseases and diagnosis and now your main objective along with the theory of what happens and why.

This year the groups that you were assigned for the first 2 years are no longer and you are expected to make up your own timetable. There are also a number of departments that you can choose in the same subject so research and ask about all of them so you make sure you pick the one that is right for you.

You will also not spend all your time in the basic science building but travel all around the city to the different departments but mainly the NET building.

Also now is the time you will need your Hungarian knowledge as the patients you will see will likely not speak English.

5th semester[]


6th semester[]